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Setting the Tone

Dear Reader,

I am blogging.
This is a strange thing to me.
Still, I'm doing it... It's needed.
Both for me and for you.

My name is Theophilus.
I love my God with all my heart.
I love His church as well.

Sadly, many people have turned from my God and rejected His Son because his wife can be a tad bitchy at times.

She's moody.
She's cantankerous.
She's sincere in her love, but her eyes wander in the direction of other lovers.
She vacillates between 2 lives: Gomer (Hosea's wife of old) and the Virtuous Woman of Proverbs.

"The church is a whore and she is my mother" - Augustine

This is why I write.

My brothers and sisters squabble about issues, wandering back & forth between legalism and lawlessness, as we all pursue our newly-created hearts' desire to 'live the gospel.'

We all struggle and fall.
We all beat at the air blindly.
We all forsake the cross... and return to it.
It's a cyclical process, this thing called discipleship.

I'll write about issues and doctrines, divisions and unities, displays of love and hate, gut-busting humor and heart-wrenching sorrow, truth & beauty, faith hope & love.

I hope, in the writing and interacting, that we can all come to a fuller understanding of God and one another, until we all 'come into the unity of the faith.'

Until then, let's all walk humbly in the knowledge that God is bigger than all of the boxes we try to put Him in, yet He still chooses to work inside them.

Let's walk in wisdom and love toward each other understanding that (as Tony Campolo says) all theology is, in a sense, heresy because it tries to define the infinite within finite parameters. It always falls a bit short, no matter how true it is. The only true theology is wonder.

Let's seek to broaden our understanding of this boundless God with awe and wonder, fear and expectation...after all, isn't that the beginning of wisdom?

In His Grip,


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I couldn't agree more. Can't wait to read more!

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